What We’re About

Welcome to Raise Them Wild Company, we’re honestly so stoked you’re here. Raise Them Wild Co. grew out of our love for the Colorado outdoors, and the joy that comes when you get to give your kids the most valuable gift of all—experiences. From long hikes to first hunts, we’re chasing after and dishing on the best family-friendly outdoor adventures for you and your tiny humans. As mamas, we constantly find ourselves in the midst of the “all kids want to do these days is play on their devices” conversations, yet those conversations don’t always seem fair when there’s little out there aimed at supporting parents as they learn how to dive into adventuring with their babes. Do you want to help your kids make a caterpillar out of egg cartons? Great—check out one of the gazillion Pinterest blogs. If the crafty gene skipped over you, you’re out of the darn egg cartons, or you’re craving more than play groups and story times, we feel like meaningful activities with kids are harder to navigate, let alone ones outdoors. Parenting is the most beautiful journey, but the honest truth is that it is tough. Here at Raise Them Wild Co. we believe that the tough stuff is often the most rewarding, and we’re here to give you the confidence to hike into the backwoods with your babes. From the “I literally drove here from the city” mamas, to the Pacific Coast Trail veterans, we welcome you all to a community of real moms from all walks of life making the most out of parenthood one amazing mile at a time.