Books for the Wild Mama

In my life I’ve learned that most knowledge is free. It may cost you that favorite Netflix show or some sleep, but digging into a book will teach you a new skill or mindset,or just help you open your mind to someone else’s point of view which is pretty invaluable. Being a homeschool mom as […]

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The Mama Mindset

“My legs are so busy!” my four year old cried out as we were only half way up the trail to a lookout we had been aiming for. In her innocent mind, “busy” equals “tired” and it’s a running joke in our family now thanks to Odessa Rose that when we feel tired, we’re “busy!” […]

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What We’re About

Welcome to Raise Them Wild Co., we’re honestly so stoked you’re here. Raise Them Wild Co. grew out of our love for the Colorado outdoors, and the joy that comes when you get to give your kids the most valuable gift of all—experiences. From long hikes to first hunts, we’re chasing after and dishing on […]

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