Osprey Poco AG Review + Tutorial

Hi wild ones, Lauren here with some exciting news. Candace and I recently started a YouTube channel so that we can start posting some gear reviews, tutorials, and general outdoors-themed videos for y’all. If you’ve been following us for a little while now, you’re probably familiar with my must have item for hiking with babes–the Osprey Poco AG Carrier, so it’s only natural that the kid carrier made its debut in our first ever tutorial video which you can check out here .

I tend to be drawn to Osprey due to their awesome customer service and lifetime product guarantees. Osprey seems to produce some high quality gear, and this child carrier is no exception. In the tutorial video (link embedded above), I review how to set up the pack prior to placing your child inside.

For easy set-up, be sure to pull the silver bar (that I call the kickstand) away from the backpack to create a stable base. Osprey takes the guess work out of the equation by color-coating buckles that must be fastened prior to use. Once all buckles are fastened, I place my hydration bladder into the bladder sleeve located down the skeleton of the pack. Next, I double check that the pack is adjusted to my heigh/frame, by utilizing the adjustable lever near the bladder sleeve (size guides marked XS, S, M, L are pretty accurate). Once the child is buckled into the harness, I often secure the sun shade, sit down on the ground, get the pack situated on my back, and then stand up in a swift lunging motion. Once standing, I pull the straps above my shoulders to cinch my baby towards my body. Then, I tighten the straps underneath my armpits. Finally, I secure the chest clip and waist band to ensure we’re snug and comfortable. Ta-da! You’re ready to hit the trail. If all this sounds tedious, rest assured that it is quick and easy–with a little practice, you’ll master it in a breeze.

Happy trails, all!

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