Wild Mama Interview with Maddy Vieth

We’ve met so many amazing friends along this short journey of starting Raise Them Wild Company, that we thought the rest of the world should meet them as well. So we’re bringing them to you “Q & A Style” so you can get a grasp of who they are, where they like to adventure and what works or maybe doesn’t work for them to get their kids outside!

For this first interview, we’d like you to meet Maddy Vieth!

It’s been such a blessing getting to know her a little bit through this fun little app, called Instagram. She is real and fun and possesses such a passion for life and for sharing her love of the outdoors.

Here’s a little more about Maddy:

Where do you live?

Amarillo, Texas

What are your kids’ ages?

2 and 4

What’s your favorite outdoor activity to do with your kids?

If we’re going all out, our favorite is to go hiking. If it’s just a simple day outside, we love to go walking or on a bike ride.

What’s one hack you’ve discovered to make going outdoors with kids easier?

Just do it. I know, so Nike. So cliche. But truly, the very hardest part is getting us up and ready and out the door, but once we do, it’s totally worth it for better or worse.

Where’s your favorite spot to take your kids to?

A favorite spot for us is a little state park outside of Wynne, Arkansas called Village Creek State Park. It’s tucked away, usually quiet, and an absolutely gorgeous little escape from the busyness of life. No cell service, a park for the kiddos to play at, two lakes for fishing, and kid-friendly hiking trails make it a total win. It’s a hidden gem, and hands-down one of my favorite places I’ve ever been… my kids love it just as much!

Have you had any fears that you’ve overcome about getting your kids outside?

Absolutely! My biggest fear was wrapped up in the fact that I am a total “planner.” I am not spontaneous by nature, I like to have a plan, I like to know what’s coming, what to expect, and then be fully prepared to handle it. Obviously, when it comes to “adventuring” with kiddos, this is just not possible. You have to be able to go with the flow much of the time and change plans as needed. I still plan to the best of my ability (WATER AND SNACKS! WATER AND SNACKS!) but I also know that sometimes, I’ve just gotta go with it.

What would your kids say is their favorite thing to do?

Ok, I have to be real here. I have zero doubt that my four-year-old would tell you, “Watch a show!” To which I roll my eyes so very hard they may just plop out of my head. But such is life and with limited TV time he thinks that watching a show is the greatest thing on earth. If I told him that couldn’t be an answer and he had to pick something else (I mean kids, amiright??) he would probably say riding his bike and going on “adventures.” My little two-year-old would tell us she loves to go fishing!

Have there been any habits or routines that have helped you become a healthier, happier mama?

Absolutely. In fact, this has been a very recent journey for me that has a little backstory and is the sole reason I do what I do now with The Get Real Coach! The number one thing I started doing that changed everything for me as a mama: investing in myself. Last summer I hit a wall. I was overwhelmed with fatigue, intense mood swings, irritability, food cravings, and brain fog, to name a few. I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for two years, but at that point I knew I needed direction, and help. I just couldn’t seem to pull out of the hole I found myself in, and I was in a very dark place. I prayed about it, and through some really strange circumstances I got plugged in to BeachBody. I joined an 8-week Challenge (of which I only agreed to commit to 30 days of it just in case it “wasn’t for me”) and began allowing myself to focus on, well, myself. I took time to eat healthy food. I took naps. I started reading books. And of course, I was working out and had a group of women supporting me, rooting for me, and encouraging me. It was a complete and total game-changer. I began feeling better as the weeks went by and I continued to invest in me. It’s actually what led me to become a BeachBody coach and mindset mentor, and was a launching point for me to begin pursuing some of the dreams and desires I’ve had in my heart since I was a little girl. That Challenge changed everything for me. And if challenges aren’t your thing, that’s ok! But I can’t tell you enough how important it is to FIND THAT THING for yourself. The thing that works for you and helps you become a healthier, better version of you. It will change your life, and by default you will become an even more awesome momma to your sweet babes.

Any great parenting, adventuring or just plain-fun-to-read books that you’d recommend?

“Long Days of Small Things” by Catherine McNeil is one of the most incredible books I have ever read on motherhood.

What’s your philosophy on raising your kids “wild?”

When I opened my eyes again to how connected I feel to our Creator God by being surrounded by his beauty in nature, I felt a fundamental shift within my soul. I just knew that somehow I had lost myself amidst the hustle of life, the fast pace, the screens, and all the things vying for my attention each day. It was at that time that I determined I would raise my babies up knowing how to disconnect from self and connect to God through adventure, exploring, and nature. I will gift them with the experience of living wild, of feeling free, as often as I possibly can. Raising my babies wild means allowing them the freedom to investigate, to find themselves, to try, to fail, and to gain confidence in who they were created to be. I believe the outdoors teaches us much about life, including how to still our minds to find our souls… how to be empathetic towards one another, and to love each other. Exploration somehow segues so beautifully into caring for things outside of ourselves, and realizing that we are all, in fact, a part of a much bigger story.

Make sure to keep up with Maddy on her Instagram @thegetrealcoach as well as check out her blog at www.getrealcoach.com


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