Getting Outside in 2019: Your New Resolution

The new year is a perfect time to pick up a new hobby, set a new goal, and chase your dreams.  I’m a sucker for New Year’s resolution, and I get re-energized thinking about all of the potential to become a better version of myself–a better mom, a healthier woman, a more gracious wife, the list goes on and on. This year in particular, I spent time on NYE setting my intentions for 2019. At the top of my list–love more. Love others. Love unconditionally. Love the body God gave me. Love my baby more than she could ever know possible. Love those I disagree with. Love myself.

Woah. Love myself? Those words reverberated in my soul. Ok, y’all…the truth is, since becoming a mom, this has become increasingly hard to do. Loving myself can be hard, and not in the stereotypical “my body has changed blah blah blah” because I honestly love my mom bod in all of its imperfect glory–it created a human and that’s rad. No. Loving myself is harder now more than ever, because nothing holds a mirror to your imperfections more than parenting does. I lose my patience with my daughter (and she’s a baby, mind you, incapable of manipulation or misbehavior). I get irritable with my also exhausted husband when I’m running on carbs and caffeine. I mumble unmentionables at my dog when he tracks mud in a finally clean house. I question my presence when I disengage from Canaan as she plays and I nurse a cup of coffee. The list goes on an on.

Despite my imperfections, I’m learning that I am so worthy of love. In the same way that I love my baby girl no matter how many times she bites me while nursing (have kids they said, it will be fun, they said), I also ought to love myself. When I fall short, I am still redeemed. When I fail, I’m still made whole by the Rock who is stronger than I. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Deserving of love, including my own.

As I think about self-love, I am reminded that self-care is a huge component of self-love, and our kids are learning self-care through observing our actions. The more I fill up, the more I’m able to pour out. When I’m able to spend time connecting with nature and participating in hobbies that bring my outdoors-loving soul joy, my heart feels at home. As I become re-fueled, I’m better able to roll with the punches during the hard moments, because I’m reminded of all the joy that makes the adventure of life worth it all. If you’re on the same page with me, I feel like we’re friends already! If your intention this year is to find the things that set your soul on fire, we’re standing in solidarity.

If you’re in, commit, because we’re ready to go on a journey. Write down your resolution….. “in 2019, I want to get outdoors. I want to explore, I want to adventure. I want to teach my kids about nature, and how to live life unplugged. I want to try new things, even if they’re inconvenient, or difficult. I want to experience parenthood with new energy.  I am ready to step into new territory.” Welcome, mama, I can’t wait to explore with you.


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